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There is a proposal here at Greenwich to replace SearchImprove, which is running down, with Apache Nutch+Solr.

Is anyone else running Jadu also using these technologies? If so, how is it going?

Alternatively, is anyone using Rupa, and how's that?


Save XForm data to external DB?

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Has anyone created a custom action in XForms Pro to save XForm data to an external database?

I really need to develop this kind of functionality, but not sure where to begin and Jadu Support closed my ticket without giving me any answers.  I reopened the ticket in hopes I can get somewhere with them, but just in case I can't I thought I'd check here and see if anyone else has done something similar.

Defect: CKEditor Snippet Tool XFormsPro

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After installing the CMS 12.3.0 and XFP 3.2.22 patches in our production environment, we uncovered yet another issue regarding the snippet tool. We thought this issue was resolved in our first modification but it turns out there is not one but three different CKEditor configuration files. Unfortunately, Jadu's suggestion was that they strongly recommended we roll back our upgrade which would put us back to Continuum #2. We have not been able to upgrade past that as there have been no stable versions since.

Defect: CKEditor Snippet Tool CMS

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The current version of Jadu (12.3.0 at the time of this post) has a defect with the snippet tool when using the new CKEditor. We use the snippet too heavily to insert javascript into pages, modify styling, etc. Sometimes when you insert a combination of Javascript and HTML depending on your linebreaks, it will strip most, if not all, of the code out.