About JDN

I've had much success creating community sites in the past. There always seems to be the need for one when I get involved with a product, and I have an inherent need to help people, fix what's wrong and fill the gap. Most recently the Luminis Developer's Network (LumDev) - was built around a community of developers at colleges and universities using a portal product called Luminis. That site was hugely successful because of the developers, and because of how extensible the product is. They shared war stories, helped each other out with admin problems, fixed bugs, posted and shared code, etc. It was a great community and I'll miss it, its been handed off to a good developer friend of mine Greg Skinner at Lehigh, I trust his team will take it to the next level.

I've had multiple talks with my Jadu counterpart and web master Ramona Fritschi since we purchased Jadu about doing a similar thing for Jadu. It wasn't until recently when Dickinson College (close by) also purchased Jadu and started asking about a user's group. After much obsessing and IM-ing back and forth with Ramona, we've settled on JaduDev.net. Not hugely original, but it is clean, professional, tailors to the targeted audience and I think its a good fit.

What is this site for?

It is (or will be) the home base for an International Jadu User's group, and a community of Jadu developers, webmasters and designers that are currently in the throes of implementation, launching, and seasoned use of the Jadu CMS. I do not want to limit it to people that have specifically attended Jadu's developer training because I think there is much for say a graphic designer to learn from our discussions, and we as developers may hear some good advice for user interface design from them.

Who is this site for?

Anyone working with Jadu that needs help, has ideas or something to say.  That includes php developers, system admins, webmasters, graphic artists and trainers. The only Jadu people I would tend to leave out is content managers, although sometimes since they're in there working, they may have an idea how to make something flow better.

What do I hope to accomplish?

That's easy. To share. I want to share what I've learned digging into Jadu, modules, widgets and 'hacks' I've performed on our installation to extend the functionality and "fix" things that we see don't work quite the way we need them to. They're not broken, I understand the reason Jadu did what they did, they just maybe don't align with what we want to accomplish here. An example? Sure, the Activate Homepages tab under Homepages. If a user has the Homepages permission, they also have access to that tab, and can enable/disable and swap around which homepage is active for the site. We had a user (we hope blindly) go in and change the homepage for one of our sections on the site. Bad news. So I used some creativity and added access control on that tab. It can now be assigned to a specific user if need be. Not sure if anyone else is interested in that, but that's the type of thing I'm interested in hearing from you.

Its all about ideas

I want to share ideas and thoughts on how to manage your system modifications, via patching, and git, so if/when you upgrade or apply an official patch, you can re-implement your changes. I want to talk taxonomy, widgets and backups. I also want to hear from user interface people, graphic designers and trainers. I'd like to set up a resource area where we can all trade training materials - do a search and replace / swap a logo and pass out a manual to our users. I'd like to create a feature request area where we can discuss and vote up ideas we think Jadu should implement. The group as a whole could then have influence on the road map of new features in the product.

I'm really open for anything, just post the idea, or send me an email.