As you may (not may not) have noticed, I renewed the domain and haven't transferred the site yet (sorry Peter).  Mainly because my spring blew up and I had little time for anything except work, so the path of least resistance was to renew the domain :)

During that time I had a though, that I'm strongly leaning toward.

Downloads : Copy To Clipboard

We've had some complaints about the number of clicks to get a download to download using the native Jadu functionality.  I've made some small changes to the downloads admin page allowing a content admin to copy the direct file url to the clipboard and then paste it into a link in the Content Widget.

Here's a video I recorded today for another purpose demoing the functionality.

I'm happy to share how I did it if anyone is interested.

CKEditor Format Menu Hacks

I'll go on record to say that I love the new CKEditor in Jadu.  I had a strong dislike for Xhina, and embrace this change with both arms, well done guys.

CKEditor is a great editor because of its configurability.  Jadu exposes some of these option in the editor setup with the CMS in Utilities | Document Editor Privileges. 

Use of target="_blank" link attributes in XHTML 1.0 strict content

The Jadu Document Editor removes target attributes during it's cleanup routine on save. There are times however, when you may want to open specific links in a new window. One work-around is to use JavaScript to add the attribute to links with a specific className.

Tutorial : Social Media Icons Supplement

[UPDATE {April 24,2015} : Kris Hardy, with the Messiah College web team, released a video today showing how to use the Social Media Supplement on your site here]

I found it difficult to find help for building supplements, so when I was asked by our web team to build one for them, I decided to turn it into a tutorial and documentation. I've learned many things along the way - and here is that journey.

This tutorial will help you build the Social Media Icon Supplement - which looks like this (fully loaded)
social media icons
You can download and install the Plug-N-Play Supplement from github.

Adding custom content types to Universe Search

In order to add new content types to the Control Center's Universe Search, they must first be registered in the Jadu system. The content type can then be linked up to Universe Search.

I've used the News content type from publishing in this example, but you can add entries for any custom content type.

Adding a Content Type