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As you may (not may not) have noticed, I renewed the domain and haven't transferred the site yet (sorry Peter).  Mainly because my spring blew up and I had little time for anything except work, so the path of least resistance was to renew the domain :)

During that time I had a though, that I'm strongly leaning toward.

Downloads : Copy To Clipboard

We've had some complaints about the number of clicks to get a download to download using the native Jadu functionality.  I've made some small changes to the downloads admin page allowing a content admin to copy the direct file url to the clipboard and then paste it into a link in the Content Widget.

Here's a video I recorded today for another purpose demoing the functionality.

I'm happy to share how I did it if anyone is interested.

CKEditor Format Menu Hacks

I'll go on record to say that I love the new CKEditor in Jadu.  I had a strong dislike for Xhina, and embrace this change with both arms, well done guys.

CKEditor is a great editor because of its configurability.  Jadu exposes some of these option in the editor setup with the CMS in Utilities | Document Editor Privileges. 

Tutorial : Social Media Icons Supplement

[UPDATE {April 24,2015} : Kris Hardy, with the Messiah College web team, released a video today showing how to use the Social Media Supplement on your site here]

I found it difficult to find help for building supplements, so when I was asked by our web team to build one for them, I decided to turn it into a tutorial and documentation. I've learned many things along the way - and here is that journey.

This tutorial will help you build the Social Media Icon Supplement - which looks like this (fully loaded)
social media icons
You can download and install the Plug-N-Play Supplement from github.

Integrating PHP apps [or ANYTHING] into your Jadu template

Eventually, you're going to have to integrate something into your site, whether that is an interactive form, a full on custom PHP application, some neat full page function that won't fit into a widget.  I'm going to outline how I accomplished that ability here at Messiah College.  

Installing Jadu CMS patches with Meteor

Jadu has revamped their patch/upgrade installation process starting with  You can download the installation instructions from their support site (http://support.jadu.net/downloads/file/223/112_patch_installation_instructions) [login required].  That PDF has all the information in this article, but I've just added a bit more personality and 'hand h