Increasing the Downloads max file size

File this one under quick and easy, once you know where to look.

We had the need to increase the file size for the Downloads module, which was set at 16M.  There were some larger presentation files that needed to be uploaded.

This uses the PHP environment variable upload_max_filesize which seems easy enough to change, edit php.ini, right?  Nope.

For us, there are two files located here (your name will be a bit different obviously) -

These contain a section for apache's Mod_PHP VHost specific settings that override the php.ini settings.

To determine which file I had to edit I looked at

At the very bottom of this file you'll see a reference to these files -

 Include /etc/httpd/conf/
 Include /etc/httpd/conf/

The file that actually makes a difference is the -ssl one since it loads last.
I opened it, changed it from 16M to 100M and saved it.

I did clear cache and restart apache, logged into Jadu, went to the Downloads module and now we're at 100M max.

Jadu 100M Download max

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