As you may (not may not) have noticed, I renewed the domain and haven't transferred the site yet (sorry Peter).  Mainly because my spring blew up and I had little time for anything except work, so the path of least resistance was to renew the domain :)

During that time I had a though, that I'm strongly leaning toward.

I'm curious if we should move to Slack?  I'm part of 3 other Slack communities, another specifically a Slack - Jadu group more focused on customer service / marketing.  Since Slack can be used by developers to coordinate code, ask questions and other things, maybe it would be better to launch a JaduDev Slack channel.  It would be maintenance free (code / security updates), it handles Git hub integration WAY better than here, along with a boat load of integrations we could possibly use.  There's a web, desktop and mobile app so you can take it with you - because who hasn't been at the gas (petrol station for our UK folds) station NEEDING to ask a Jadu question right? 

... I think I've convinced myself, but want to hear what you have to say