Defect: CKEditor Snippet Tool CMS

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The current version of Jadu (12.3.0 at the time of this post) has a defect with the snippet tool when using the new CKEditor. We use the snippet too heavily to insert javascript into pages, modify styling, etc. Sometimes when you insert a combination of Javascript and HTML depending on your linebreaks, it will strip most, if not all, of the code out.

Defect: CKEditor with Images

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I thought it might be a good idea to start logging defects and temporary fixes that have not been patched in any official releases yet. We are working on upgrading to the latest version and are several months behind at this point. Our development instance has version 12.3.0 which we are currently testing for production use.  

CKEditor Format Menu Hacks

I'll go on record to say that I love the new CKEditor in Jadu.  I had a strong dislike for Xhina, and embrace this change with both arms, well done guys.

CKEditor is a great editor because of its configurability.  Jadu exposes some of these option in the editor setup with the CMS in Utilities | Document Editor Privileges. 

Extending MyJadu API

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First off, I've posted a similar question to Support and figured I'd post it here as well, just in case another school has done this already.

I'm using the Jadu API to pull entries in a directory.  I need to limit the results to records that are assigned to a specific category or categories.  The default API call looks like this :

Jadu Pulsar - the UI Framework for Jadu software products

Paul Stanton, UX Designer / Developer and team lead for Pulsar explains what we are doing with the UX and UI of Jadu and how it influences product design.

Pulsar is the software framework (bootstrap) Jadu has developed to help developers create beautiful software interfaces easily. It provides a toolkit for UI design and help build a better experience for users.