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We've noticed a few things in the document editor that don't work very well for us, most notably the pasting of content from other documents or web pages gets rather ugly.  We've used the "paste into notepad, recopy, paste into document editor" approach, but even that isn't fool proof and it's getting frustrating for our content folks.

Facelift and... wait for it... CODE HIGHLIGHTING!!!

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I'm sure you've noticed that I've been working on the site and there are a few changes I'd like to point out.

First - thanks to Suraj for sending over their "Jadu Community" icon which I've promoted and adopted as the site's Logo.  I hope having their (Jadu's) image doesn't communicate that this site is run and maintained by them.  Leave comments if you think this could be interpreted that way.

Adding custom content types to Universe Search

In order to add new content types to the Control Center's Universe Search, they must first be registered in the Jadu system. The content type can then be linked up to Universe Search.

I've used the News content type from publishing in this example, but you can add entries for any custom content type.

Adding a Content Type

JaduDev GitHub

Hey Everyone!

I have successfully created a JaduDev group on Github, check it out:

If you have not signed up with Github yet, you can do so here:

Please let me know what your username is and I will send you an invite. If anyone has any questions feel free to comment below or email me at

Readable URLs for Custom Scripts

The recommended location for custom scripts written for the Jadu CMS platform is within <install-path>/public_html/site/custom_scripts/ but this can lead to long and unfriendly URLs. Here we show how to use the Readable URLs feature to create a cleaner URL structure for a simple custom script.


1. Create a new directory <install-path>/public_html/site/custom_scripts/howto_custom_script_readable_urls and populate it with the following files:

Integrating PHP apps [or ANYTHING] into your Jadu template

Eventually, you're going to have to integrate something into your site, whether that is an interactive form, a full on custom PHP application, some neat full page function that won't fit into a widget.  I'm going to outline how I accomplished that ability here at Messiah College.  

Installing Jadu CMS patches with Meteor

Jadu has revamped their patch/upgrade installation process starting with  You can download the installation instructions from their support site ( [login required].  That PDF has all the information in this article, but I've just added a bit more personality and 'hand h