Creating Widgets - Imagineering new functionality

Creating widgets is probably the best feature of Jadu.  Depending on your programming expertise, you can create some pretty incredible functionality for your site.  A perfect example of this is this page on our site - This entire page is 1 widget I built that interfaces with the Jadu Directories.  Below are two links to the same directory and what it would look like if we had used the default / out of the box (OOTB) view(s) :

About JDN

I've had much success creating community sites in the past. There always seems to be the need for one when I get involved with a product, and I have an inherent need to help people, fix what's wrong and fill the gap. Most recently the Luminis Developer's Network (LumDev) - was built around a community of developers at colleges and universities using a portal product called Luminis. That site was hugely successful because of the developers, and because of how extensible the product is.